what happened to linuxflashplugin?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Mon Feb 11 20:18:24 UTC 2008

>> YouTube? Isn't the right spelling YouPorn?
> No, it isn't. If you find nothing worth watching on *You*Tube, it
> doesn't mean that others can't find interesting things. For example, I
> find there a lot of good and difficult-to-find material from some fields
> of art.

get this interestinf stuff down to your disk with youtube-dl, then watch 
with mplayer.

at least you will have it on your disk, not download each time as 
youtube does everything to prevent caching the stuff.
as it's exactly agains efficiency, they have a reason to do this.

any explanations why? i think because then they are able to keep "control" 
on the stuff, being able to remove anything at will, with no copy on users 

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