data mirroring solutions for freebsd

Zbigniew Szalbot zszalbot at
Mon Feb 11 08:38:31 UTC 2008


I am looking for your advice. I have an older machine which I am
currently setting up to be like the primary machine which functions as
a mail server and hosts two sites.

I would like to backup (or rather mirror):
a/ myslq data (all databases)
b/ www content

I am doing it to have a box to use should anything happen to the
primary machine.

Will I be better off using mysql synchronining solutions and a
separate tool for syncing www content or is it better to become
friends with a tool which is able to mirror both sets of data onto box

Anything else I should consider here? Both machines are in our office.
We are managing everything on our own and I would like to have a
backup machine just in case...

Many thanks for your practical suggestions!

Zbigniew Szalbot

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