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> Can portmanager work in conjection with portupgrade?

Yes, I use it all the time.

> Why has the ports tree be up to date?

What conceivable reason would you have for using an outdated ports tree?

> Will portmanager download anything from the cvsup repos?

It will only fetch programs that need updating, just like portupgrade.

Would you be so kind as to explain your reluctance to update your
system? The number of potential programs that need updating seems
rather immaterial when compared to the potential system wide
improvement in its overall performance. You could simply start the
upgrade in the evening when you are through using the PC. Depending on
the speed of your machine, it might very well be done by the next
morning, if not sooner.

From my own experience, portmanager finds lots of outdated dependencies
that portupgrade seems to miss. At least it use to. I have not compared
the latest version of portupgrade to pormanager.


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