Some ideas for FreeBSD

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Sun Feb 10 08:10:24 UTC 2008

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> Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> > Reason # 1 to be happy with Linux:  It attracts all the morons who
> > would otherwise fuck up FreeBSD? 
> I do wish people would not be "happy" about missing users.  Being rid of
> all the "morons" means that we are also rid of proper attention from
> companies like Adobe and Nvidia.  Some of us see that as a drawback.

No, this isn't true at all for the hardware vendors like Nvidia.
When a hardware vendor contemplates entering a market like FreeBSD
they have 3 major concerns.  First, is market size.  However, second
is ease of porting to the OS, and last is the liklihood of having to
supply technical support.

If you have a large market but everyone in the market is a moron and
will be calling you for tech support, your going to make less money
than a smaller market where everyone is an expert and nobody is calling
you for tech support.  What is double plus good is that there's
experts floating around in the small market who will do your support for
you, including writing your drivers, all you have to do is supply
a minimal set of programming interface docs.  This is a far cry from
Windows where you have to write and debug the driver and pay Microsoft
a lot of money to get it certified.

As for attention from Adobe, doesen't it bother you to use a free OS
merely as a platform for running commercial software?  How about
ditching the commercial software completely and using free open
source tools on the free OS?  That's what FreeBSD is all about, honey.


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