Clock stabilization in VMWare hosted machines?

Peter Boosten peter at
Sat Feb 9 19:28:26 UTC 2008

Quoting Shawn Barnhart <swb at>:

> I know this is a major nuisance, but I can't remember how I dealt with
> it in the past.  My most recent stab at using ntpd with minpoll 4
> polling of a local ntp time source isn't working, the clock drift
> prevents any sync from happening (but I'll admit not trying some of the
> more aggressive time adjustment options to ntpd).
> VMWare's documentation and support leans pretty heavily toward Linux
> and I'm not finding a decent recommendation from them.
> I rebuilding a kernel with options HZ=100 to see if that makes a
> difference, not sure why I remember that helping, but any other
> strategies known to work?

In my /boot/loader.conf:


In the vmx-file:
tools.synctime = "TRUE"

I installed the vmware tools and ntpd

That's about all.

ntpdate -d

  9 Feb 20:26:47 ntpdate[45172]: adjust time server  
offset 0.057667 sec




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