pkg working on 6.3

p9_gkvye p9_gkvye at
Sat Feb 9 17:48:44 UTC 2008

There have been comments about problems with
openoffice freezing when saving or opening files.  It
appears to involve language/locale stuff.  For me, the
following seems to work with the 2.4 package (perhaps
not with 2.3.1_1) on 6.3-RELEASE.

1.  As root, edit /etc/login.conf to set your system
language.  Mine is now:

# diff /etc/login.conf.0 /etc/login.conf
<       :umask=022:
>       :umask=022:\
>       :lang=en_US.UTF-8:

2. As root, update the login.conf.db:

# cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf

3. Log out and log in again.

# echo $LANG

4. As root, force openoffice to use your language (the
-f seems critical):

# -a -f en-US

(Note that's en-US, not en_US.)

(The user who's going to run openoffice might need to
do the same thing.  It also might help, if problems
persist, to remove/rename your ~/.openoffice.org2
directory and start fresh.)

Good luck.

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