ls time/date format from ftpd

Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at
Sat Feb 9 08:49:21 UTC 2008

The default output from ls in a normal shell on my system
mode links owner group size month day time/year filename
corresponding to LANG=C or en_US...
For most other locales month and day are swapped, including 
mine { LANG=en_AU.ISO8859-1 }.

When I access my account from another machine via ftp the 
ls command always reports day before month whether or not
I attempt to set the locale. All this suits my sensibilities
but it upsets MS Windows. Mounting under windows as a network
place MS becomes very confused in trying to interpret directory
listings in which the day precedes the maonth.

Is there someway to force ftpd to report ls according to the
LANG=C default so that I can successfully access through windows.

Any ideas please?

The FreeBSD system is 6.3-Release and the windows W2K.

Malcolm Kay

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