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Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
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>>> It is one thing to add support for a POSIX call into FreeBSD.
>>> That's fine.
>>> It's quite another to break a header or supply hacky 32-bit-only
>>> code in a library or some such just because Linux does the same
>>> brain-dead stuff and the Linux maintainers are too stubborn or
>>> stupid to fix Linux.
>> don't forget that linux changed from being good unix OS to be windows 
>> competitor. and it's competing well.
> Ah, something to strive for! :-)
> Reason # 1 to be happy with Linux:  It attracts all the morons who
> would otherwise fuck up FreeBSD? 
> Ted
> __
And I pray to stay that way ;-) .


I do not know if it is because of the writers strike in Hollywood or 
because of the couple recent posts by Ted but I have more
laugh reading questions at than watching the Jay Leno show.
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