pf.conf for variable interfaces

Jim Bow jimbow at
Fri Feb 8 19:05:56 UTC 2008

Erik Norgaard wrote:
> Chad Perrin wrote:
>> I'm setting up PF on a FreeBSD laptop that sometimes uses the wireless
>> device (iwi0) as its external interface, and sometimes uses the RJ-45
>> ethernet device (bge0) as its external interface.  Unfortunately, I
>> haven't figured out yet how to make that happen.
> How about this:
> ext_ifs = "{" iwi0 bge0 "}"
> block in quick on ext_ifs all
> pass out quick on ext_ifs all keep state
> ...

This is nice, but any ideas how to do this if the wireless interface 
is only present some of the time, ie its a pcmcia card?


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