How to find CPU IDLE Percentage on SMP (Dual processor Host)

Devanand SP devanand_sp at
Fri Feb 8 16:46:24 UTC 2008

Hi Everyone,

I am using a FreeBSD version 4.11 for running my BIND. I am in a need of setting up an audit for the CPU Utilization on my resolvers and have a query about finding the CPU IDLE percentage on a DUAL processor hosts. As the BIND binary uses only the first processor, the second CPU most of the time not used by BIND. So in this case the in built system utilities like top or sar does average the CPU IDLE percentage by adding up the First CPU's IDLE % + Second CPU's IDLE % /2. This in turn will give me a wrong result. So can someone suggest me on how I can get the right CPU IDLE %?


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