H.323 gatekeeper && what endpoints for FreeBSD

Matthias Apitz matthias.apitz at oclc.org
Fri Feb 8 15:32:24 UTC 2008


In our company we're using a lot video conferencing over IP,
as point-to-point connections (i.e. each VC system has its own
IP) and MCU allow 3-4... VC in the same session. So far so good.

Some days ago I was asked to make ready our VC to connect to some
University network using a H.323 gatekeeper which will allow
multiple partners in the session, while I'm just calling up the
IP of this H.323 gatekeeper. This was pretty new to me that my
VC allows even this and I was thinking in what to do with that
'new' feature. This brought me to the idea to install on some
FreeBSD host in our company VPN just the gatekeeper (from the ports),
let all other VC just call-in to that central gatekeeper *and*
allow even laptops with a H.323 endpoint software join the session
over H.323.

Does someone has worked with such H.323 endpoints on FreeBSD, for
example with 'cphone' from the ports? What kind of cam could
I make use of?

See also: http://www.gnugk.org/h323-endpoint.html

Thanks in advance for any hint

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