A non FreeBSD question.

Peter Boosten peter at boosten.org
Fri Feb 8 05:03:43 UTC 2008

अनुज Anuj Singh wrote:
> Hi,
> It may start flame, Next lines may seem funny but I want to see what
> people think say, sorry i am posting here, just to get an idea. Cause
> i am also one of the open source user/lover and my most of the time
> goes with computers over freebsd/linux.
> If someone is away from his cell for around an hour, thus not picking
> the phone, and his colleagues does not knows where is he as he has not
> to give reporting to anyone, it means what's he doing?

In the bathroom playing Nethack on his FreeBSD laptop

> 1.From a normal persons point of view.
> 2.From the point of view of spouse.

Give the guy some trust or divorce him...


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