USB HDD recommendations for FreeBSD 6.3/amd64 ?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu Feb 7 22:55:35 UTC 2008

> problem - after attaching the drive, it took 10-11 minutes for the drive to 
> become available as da0. In my specific situation this problem was not too 
> disturbing.
certainly there is something wrong. it takes 2-3 second at most if drive 
is already spinning.

>, so I won't repeat them all 
> here. I'll just say again that as the problem happens with two identical 
> drives and WD's diagnostics utility has verified one of them to be OK, I 
> don't believe it to be hardware failure. Also, problems started immediately 
> after upgrading to 6.3.
> willing to try another brand of HDD. So I hope to hear what kind of USB HDDs 
> are you successfully using with FreeBSD 6.3.

i use USB-IDE converted set (just converter+small power supply) got for ca 
10$, noname.

works fine.

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