Problem with makemap and hash tables

Mel fbsd.questions at
Thu Feb 7 22:39:28 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 05 February 2008 02:27:50 Olivier Nicole wrote:
> Hi,
> I am having problem with /usr/sbin/makemap hash on huge databases
> under FreeBSD 5.5 and 6.3 while it is working on 4.11.
> By huge I mean around 380,000 lines in the /etc/mail/access file.
> After approximately 375,000 lines added into access.db I get:
>     makemap: access.db: line 375135: key abcd.efgh: put error: Operation
> not permitted

Operation not permitted hints at a limit being hit, looking at when write(2) 
can fail, I'd guess:
[EDQUOT]           The user's quota of disk blocks on the file system
                        containing the file has been exhausted.

[EFBIG]            An attempt was made to write a file that exceeds the
                        process's file size limit or the maximum file size.

But then again this can be a translated error by the makemap utility that has 
a totally different cause.

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