brand-new DVD drives less reliable than crappy old player - fix?

Steve Franks stevefranks at
Thu Feb 7 18:54:45 UTC 2008

I have a bunch of disks that will play fine in my laptop and TV, but
not in my freebsd system with a new-ish NEC drive.  Figured it was the
drive, so I got a new pioneer, same issue - scratch somewhere that
causes no hiccup on other players makes it tank.  I can't even cp or
rsync data off them, and these are only minor scratches.  Is there
anything tunable, or ways  to keep rsync or cp going after an error?
I get 100MB of the last GB file.  Most annoying.  I know you usually
want cp to fail if there's read errors, but this is one instance where
you'd like it to skip and keep going - I assume that's what my dvd
player does.  These are not commercial disks, so I can't just go out
and buy a new one, and I was too stupid to make backups, so I have a
vested interest in a workaround.


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