script to be executed on system startup.

Derek Ragona derek at
Wed Feb 6 14:45:07 UTC 2008

At 08:33 AM 2/6/2008, navneet Upadhyay wrote:
>i dont want to go with the rename option, as if tomorrow i want to add 
>more scripts to run at startup i will be in a mess.
>I will tell in detail so that it would be easy for you to understand my 
>problem :-
>Intention is that the script file should be called at both startup and 
>In Linux after doing :-
>1. Copying the script to /etc/rc.d directory.
>2. /sbin/chkconfig --add "scriptname"
>While startup scriptfile is called with parameter start and while shutdown 
>it is called with parameter stop.
>So i check the parameter value in the script and if it is start , i run my 
>executables and if it is stop i gracefully exit from my executables.
>I want to achie same thing in FreeBSD.

All scripts in /usr/local/etc/rc.d are sent the "start" parameter at bootup 
and the "stop" parameter at shutdown.  So this is exactly what you are 
looking for.  If your script isn't running correctly check the paths to the 
executables, and also put some echo statements in the script to follow the 
logic to debug it.


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