Help with router problem

Derek Ragona derek at
Wed Feb 6 14:37:20 UTC 2008

At 07:40 AM 2/6/2008, Eugen wrote:
>Thanks for all your input. For now I am posting my rc.conf, but I will try
>your suggestions this evening when I come back from work.
>If anyone needs additional details, please ask and I'll repost my
>initial cry for help.
>### Console options
>### Mouse daemon
>### IPv6 options
>### PF firewall
># pf_enable="YES"                                    # Enable PF (load
>module if required)
># pf_flags=""                                              #
>additional flags for pfctl startup
># pf_rules="/etc/pf.conf"                            # rules
>definition file for pf
># pflog_enable="YES"                               # start pflogd(8)
># pflog_flags=""                                         # additional
>flags for pflogd startup
># pflog_logfile="/var/log/pflog"                   # where pflogd
>should store the logfile
>###  Miscellaneous administrative options
>kern_securelevel="-1"                               # range: -1..3 ;
>`-1' is the most insecure
>kern_securelevel_enable="NO"                # kernel security level
>(see init(8)),
>clear_tmp_enable="YES"                          # Clear /tmp at startup.
>devfs_system_ruleset="devfsrules_local" # The name of a ruleset to apply 
>to /dev
>dmesg_enable="YES"                               # Save dmesg(8) to
>update_motd="YES"                                 # update version
>info in /etc/motd (or NO)
>virecover_enable="NO"                            # Perform
>housekeeping for the vi(1) editor
>usbd_enable="YES"                                 # Run the usbd daemon.
>usbd_flags=""                                           # Flags to
>usbd (if enabled).


I almost always set my FreeBSD systems up to use a static IP, even behind a 
router.  I don't know if you want to access your FreeBSD system from ONLY 
the LAN, or if you want some access through your router.  I prefer a static 
IP on my FreeBSD systems as they are all providing some server functions 
(file sharing, DNS, etc.)

Below are typical lines you would have in your /etc/rc.conf:
#set the default router to your router's IP, often
#set your hostname to match the enty in /etc/hosts
#set your IP to one not in any DHCP range
ifconfig_dc0="inet  netmask"

These are all you need to get it working.

If you want the FreeBSD to have a LAN address but access through the router 
you need to set that up in your router.


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