Upgrading the Installed package

Jason C. Wells jcw at highperformance.net
Wed Feb 6 14:12:31 UTC 2008

navneet Upadhyay wrote:
> Hi,
>       I have two binary packages of an application of version 1.1 and 1.2.
> *The 1.1 is already installed, how can i upgrade it to 1.2* ?
> Do i have to uninstall 1.1 and then install 1.2 ?   I would prefer a way by
> which i can upgrade an wxisting package without uninstalling.

Uninstall reinstall takes all of five seconds.  It's quite easy.  Any of 
the ports management software has to do some variety of this anyway. 
The only difference is they do it with one command.

pkg_delete pkg-1.1
pkg_add pkg-1.2

There!  A new port management binary upgrade utility.

The usefulness of the port management apps (portmaster,portupgrade) is 
when you want to upgrade multiple ports and large amounts of 
dependencies all at once.  They are more trouble than they are worth for 
a single package. That is, unless you are already using them.


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