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Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Wed Feb 6 12:01:18 UTC 2008

>> what would be otherwise crime - to requirement.
>> As i'm a small ISP myself, i should record EVERYTHING my users transmit.
> IANA(P)L, but if Poland implements the EU data retention directive
> 2006/24/EC, its laws should only require ISPs to save connection data,
> i.e. who communicated with whom and when (source-ip:port, dest-ip:port,
> time stamp), and who got assigned which IP, but not the data itself
> (the payload):

i don't know if it implements it, i just know current law that exist 
today, static that you have to record TRAFFIC.

this is nonsense. but this is LAW.

> traffic analysis and mass surveillance in our brave new Orwellized
> 1984-esque world.

Orwell just missed the date. and only this.

> In most EU countries, ISPs are NOT (yet?) required to save the payload
> itself; and may even be prohibited to do so under privacy / data
> protection statutes without special overriding court order. As an ISP,

All Polish "free mail" services (and i'm sure all world-wide like 
goolag-mail) records every mail they ever process. not just connection 

i'm sure about it as i've seen police showing printed someone's mail body 
from over year ago from @wp.pl

> you should *really* check with a specialized lawyer and err on the
> side of caution. Laws can be tricky, wherever you operate.

i checked a year ago - i though i did it carefully. but i will recheck.

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