OT: www search engines

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Wed Feb 6 09:38:43 UTC 2008

> being.  Without an ISP's help, they won't know who owns your IP

well it's enough to do whois to know in my case.

anyway - i don't sell drugs or plan to attack with a nuke - but anyway i 
don't want to be monitored!

tor and/or anonymous proxies does the good job for me, except i 
can't use google this way.

> address.  If your ISP is willing to give you up to anyone who asks,
> I'd be worried about more than just Google.
> What are the laws in your country like regarding this?

in our funny country - Poland - law encourages all ISP to record 
everything, but the same law doesn't have any punishment for doing so.

it's actually law created for those who like to monitor everyone, changing 
what would be otherwise crime - to requirement.

As i'm a small ISP myself, i should record EVERYTHING my users transmit.

ignoring local LAN transmissions that can't be easily controlled at all, 
in theory i should write about 20 DVD's daily if i would really do tcpdump 
everything. of course law dont say who will pay 600PLN/month for cheap 
DVD's only, not mentioning one half-time job for just recording it ;)

i don't archive anything for a long term, i just do backups to 
protect from data loss, nothing more.

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