Preserving file permissions with dump and restore

Francois-Xavier Charpentier de Beauville francois-xavier at
Wed Feb 6 05:45:42 UTC 2008

Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a box with three hard drives:
>> /dev/da0 - dedicated to the OS
>> /dev/ad4s1e - data drive - mounted as /store
>> /dev/ad5s1e - hold a backup of /dev/ad4 - mounted as /backup
>> I used 'dump' to backup everything from /store to /backup with the 
>> following command:
>> dump -0aun -f /backup/fullbackup /store
>> As expected, the result is a dump file called 'fullbackup'
>> Then I tested a restore, by restoring the fullbackup file from 
>> /backup to /store.  I did the following:
>> 1) made /store pristine: newfs -U /dev/ad4s1e
>> 2) mounted /dev/ad4s1e on /store
>> 3) cd into /store
>> 4) ran the command: restore -r -uv -f /backup/fullbackup
>> 5) remove 'restoresymtable' from /store
>> Thanks in advance for your help
> you did restore as root? (i think so but just for sure)
> it is something wrong with restore then, i used it many times and it 
> restore everything.
> anyway - rsync is good tool to make exact copy of directory tree
Actually yes, I did restore as root.  All ownership info and permissions 
are reset during restore, and none of the original permissions are 
back.  This kind of weird since the OS drive hasn't changed.  So, there 
are the same users setup on the system.  Any thoughts?

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