Memory Error using Mailman on FreeBSD. How to debug?

Lachlan Michael lachlan at
Wed Feb 6 02:10:55 UTC 2008

> Barry just answered on Mailman list saying that the memory fault may
> be in Python for that matter....

Thanks for forwarding that mail.

If it's a python problem I'm probably in big trouble, but since I can't
find evidence of other having the same problem with such small attachments
(and as noted on the Mailman list  it completely gums up the works for ALL
lists) I'm still inclined to believe this is failure on my part, rather
than a general error.


> [quote]
>> Now to just work out the root cause of the memory errors ...
> It's important to remember that Python's email parsing code sucks the
> entire message text into memory and keeps large attachments in memory
> after parsing too.  There could be a number of problems associated
> with this, including a memory leak that causes the raw text to be kept
> even after parsing, or that the attachment is just to big to be kept
> in memory after parsing.
> There have been talks over the years about how to modify the email
> package's api's so that it would be possible to store large
> attachments in a separate file outside of core memory, but this has
> yet to be done.  Now would be a good time to look into it again, if we
> have any hopes of getting something like this into Python 2.6 and
> 3.0.  However, this isn't the right place to discuss such changes --
> those should happen on Python's email sig:
> Cheers,
> - -Barry
> [/quote]
> Zbigniew Szalbot

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