How to use two interface with jail

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Tue Feb 5 16:37:26 UTC 2008


> How can I make 
> 	all traffic from the server/for the server pass through the first
> 	interface
> 	all traffic from the jail /for the jail pass through the second
> 	interface.
> In fact : How can make two «default router» on for the server, another for
> all jail. 

Assuming you can use ipfw, here's an example:

- Interfaces:
  if1:, gateway
  if2:, gateway
- system uses as its default gateway.
- IP-ranges for jails are in the range.
- Then add the following ipfw rule:

/sbin/ipfw add 1000 fwd ip from to any out via if2

Give it a try.

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