Preserving file permissions with dump and restore

Francois-Xavier Charpentier de Beauville francois-xavier at
Tue Feb 5 04:09:12 UTC 2008


I have a box with three hard drives:
/dev/da0 - dedicated to the OS
/dev/ad4s1e - data drive - mounted as /store
/dev/ad5s1e - hold a backup of /dev/ad4 - mounted as /backup

I used 'dump' to backup everything from /store to /backup with the 
following command:
dump -0aun -f /backup/fullbackup /store

As expected, the result is a dump file called 'fullbackup'

Then I tested a restore, by restoring the fullbackup file from /backup 
to /store.  I did the following:
1) made /store pristine: newfs -U /dev/ad4s1e
2) mounted /dev/ad4s1e on /store
3) cd into /store
4) ran the command: restore -r -uv -f /backup/fullbackup
5) remove 'restoresymtable' from /store

The restore went fine and I had all the files back.  However, all file 
permissions were gone.  How can I preserve file permissions with dump / 

Thanks in advance for your help

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