Nagios + 6.3-RELEASE == Hung Process

Mike Tancsa mike at
Mon Feb 4 23:58:08 UTC 2008

At 06:17 PM 2/4/2008, Jarrod Sayers wrote:
>On 03/01/2008, at 11:56 AM, Marc G. Fournier wrote:
>>As noted in my original report, this isn't a nagios issue per se ...
>>my first
>>experience with this issue was with Azureus/java ... so its a
>>'threading issue
>>in general' ...
>A patch to force the package to link against libthr() has been
>committed [1] and should be available once mirrors update as 
>net-mgmt/ nagios 2.10_1.  This has been tested since this 
>conversation stated in
>the net-mgmt/nagios-devel port [2] without any negative feedback being

We have been using nagios linked against libthr via libmap.conf since 
the end of November and its been working great since then.  Prior to 
that, we would see 100% CPU usage a couple of times a week on various 
nagios procs. Hasnt happened since.


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