Suggestion for a file manager?

Christian Baer christian.baer at
Mon Feb 4 15:55:54 UTC 2008

Good afternoon, everybody!

I'm looking for a suggestion for a file manager. Something like the Total
Commander known from Windows. I know the mc and I already use it. But it
has a few functions I miss. Most importantly being able to create queues.
I have a lot of work to do that looks like this:

move a to A
copy b to A
move c to B

Where small letters are directories or files and capital letters represent
drives, mount points or other destinations.

The idea is to be able to list all the things that have to be copied or
moved at once and then to let the computer do its work while I am not
around. Some of these tasks can take a while and I don't really like
hanging around and waiting for one to finish so I can start the next.

One solution (well, not really) would be to start multiple instances and
start all the processes at once. This would be ok if all the work were
done on seperate drives. But two copy instances from one HDD makes the
whole thing a lot slower than if I just did the copying sequentially
because of the increased head movement.

One other thing I would really like is if this file manager didn't need X
but runs on the console as the mc does.

Can someone give me a suggestion?


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