OT: Silly Bind question

DAve dave.list at pixelhammer.com
Mon Feb 4 05:31:18 PST 2008

DAve wrote:
> Mark D. Foster wrote:
 >> Andy was right, it's the line-ordering in your zone file.
>> I take it you can't slave the zone from tinydns to bind?
> Arrrg! I tried moving the txt record but no change.  I can put the recs
> in any order I want as the script that generates my Bind Zones pulls
> them from SQL, so arranging the keys to write out TXT in any place
> within the zone is easy enough to do. But I didn't see a difference before.
> I'll relook at what I did. This should not be that difficult, online
> docs show text examples with no mention of where in the zone they need
> to be. I would ahve thought that it A) didn't matter, or B) an origin
> line prior to the TXT line, or B) a full domain name in the text-name
> field would be able to over ride the previous host name.
> IOW,
> host	IN	A 	xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
> domain.	IN	TXT	"something"
> I would have though that a full origin name as the left value on the TXT
> line would override the previous host value. But that does not seem to
> be so. I still think I've done something wrong here.
> DAve

Ha ha, I am kicking myself. Just a reminder that even the most
complicated problems can sometimes be simple. This DNS server I was
testing from was a replacement box, temporary install until the Bind
servers were removed. Once I put the correct values in /etc/resolve.conf
everything worked as expected. I was manually editing the zone on one
machine but querying another.

I figured it out when the serial number shown in the query response
differed from the serial number the log file showed was being reloaded.

I appreciate the help.


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