mpd with a dual pppoe setup

Reinhold freebsd at
Sun Feb 3 12:23:08 PST 2008

> If IPs are static then provider itself will negotiate them every time
> same. If you will specify them and provider will request another,
> negotiation will fail. So I would not recommend you to specify them.
>> For wan1 I have one ip and for wan2 I have 5 ips
> Probably for wan2 you have one interface IP plus some network routed to
> you. PPP protocol does not allows to negotiate routed network, so that
> network probably should be configured by hands somewhere.

To be honest, I don't know why we have 5 ips on wan2, I have no need for
them at all. It might be usefull once I register a proper domain for the
office, but for now we are using and it is working just fine.
What I do know is that if I disconnect let say wan2 for some time and then
reconnect, I will be assigned an ip address on a total different subnet
and it messes up everything, I have to manually set the ips in our router
for them to be used, this is why I'm asking how I can set the ip
addresses, on wan1 if I reboot the router where I haven't set the static
ip, it does reconnect using the correct ip, but I have never disconnected
this line for more the 1 minute.

Right now I'm using wan1 for all our outgoing ftp, one site that doesn't
like load balancing and incoming pptp connections, wan2 is used for
outgoing https and ssh connections, incoming http and ssh connections is
coming in on both wan1 and wan2 depending on which ip is registered at All other outgoing connections are using both wan1 and wan2.
All this I can do with PF, but I need to find a way to set the ips.

>> How does mpd5 assign the ng interfaces, in my previose cong there was a
>>  line new -i ng0 provider PPPoE0, does mpd5 do this automatically?
> Interfaces will be allocated by system in order of usage. WAN1 will be
> ng0, WAN2 - ng1 and the PPTP link's interfaces will be allocated
> dynamically on connect.

I'm guesing here that because you have not specified any lines from my new
config file that it should be working and thanks for explaining how it
assignes ng interfaces.


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