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Christian Baer christian.baer at
Sun Feb 3 03:56:44 PST 2008

On Sat, 2 Feb 2008 21:49:55 -0800 (PST) Eugen Udma wrote:

I took the liberty of cleaning up you post. Please fix your line wrap! One
word per line is not what I call easy reading.

> I had a working minimal FreeBSD system until I put it behind a wireless
> router.  Since then, my network is not accessible anymore when I boot
> BSD.  On the same desktop I have a Gentoo Linux system which works just
> fine, even if I didn't touch any of it's configuration files after I
> installed the router.
> The router is a ZyXEL P-335U connected to a cable modem.  The desktop is
> plugged into a LAN port.  A laptop connected by wireless has no
> problems.  The router gets it's IP from the ISP and acts as a firewall
> and a DHCP server to my network: it serves a pool of 32 addresses
> starting at  Its own address is  The IP
> Subnet Mask is
> The configuration files for FreeBSD are shown below.  The output of
> ifconfig and netstat are also shown for BSD and Linux.
> What I don't understand is the fact that having the same router
> settings, Linux works while BSD doesn't: I can't even ping,
> while the same ping in Linux works.
> I read the handbook and various other BSD information sources 
> on the web and I could not solve this issue.
> My question is: which config files do I have to edit in FreeBSD and what
> settings should I use ?  Can anybody help ?

The reason seams to be a completely broken configuration of dhclient.conf
resulting in several problems. Among them that two boxes get the same IP
address. Both your BSD and you Linux box have

> /etc/rc.conf
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ifconfig_dc0="DHCP"
> hostname="localhost"
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> /etc/dhclient.conf
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> interface 
> "dc0" 
> {
> send 
> host-name 
> "localhost";
> request 
> subnet-mask, 
> broadcast-address, 
> routers, 
> domain-name-servers,
> domain-name, 
> time-servers;
> require 
> domain-name-servers;
> }
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

The problem is probably you sending that name "localhost" which should
never have any other address than Why did you play with the
settings anyway? Normally a dhcp-client works right out of the box. I have
never had to change any of the configurations - ever.


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