Nvidia graphics on AMD64

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Sun Feb 3 00:56:36 PST 2008

> http://home.no/tl18/misc/mincemeat.jpg
> Moreover, the nv driver does not provide a way to properly control
> brightness and contrast.  I would say it is strictly necessary for
> anyone who is into photography to use the nvidia-driver, even if they
> are not remotely interested in 3D.
> -- 
for desktop i would rather prefer (and did that many times) to run some 
fast computer headless and have at least 1 (but more preferably) X 
terminal made from 486-Pentium with old, but supported graphics.

i made cut-down X terminal distro with NetBSD 1.5 (takes 25MB total, with 
all possible X servers), works fine, sound supported through nas.

most old PCI Matrox cards are best for that, all hardware 2D acceleration 
works like it should, supports high refresh rates and gamma correction by 

and with X terminal price equal to about 0+monitor you may have many of 
this for single computer.

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