Removing FreeBSD

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at
Sat Feb 2 05:45:56 PST 2008

>Hi. I recently purchased a HDD from a man that runs a data center,
and on this HDD is FreeBSD.
> My problem is I want it off, and for some ungodly reason, it keeps coming back. I cant format the
> drive with Windows, and I cant load it as a slave to format, either. Any help would be greatly
> appreciated. Thanks

There's nothing magical about freebsd on a drive. It's just like
Linux, Windows, MacOS, etc. and it comes off in the same manner. There
were a lot of good suggestions here, but rather than giving you a new
toy to play with in fixin the issue, can I ask which program/utility
you are trying to use to remove it? When you say you cant load it as a
slave, do you mean it's not showing up in the bios/post, it's showing
up in the bios/post but not the OS you are using to format it (I'm
assuming windows, is that correct - in this case, are you looking for
it under "My Computer" or are you looking for it under [rightclick "My
Computer"]->Manage->[Drive Management, or whatever it is called, not
currently on a windows box to follow the path right now]?

-Jim Stapleton

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