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Sat Feb 2 04:16:02 PST 2008

Dear Chamber of Commerce member:
WrapMail now offers 20% discount to all members of the Chamber of
Commerce. You'll notice how this email looks different from your regular
email; it has an interactive (clickable and trackable) letterhead.  We
do this without anything being installed anywhere.  Today email has
taken the place of "snail mail" and just about every business is sending
correspondence on a blank sheet of paper. WrapMail enables every
external email to turn into a marketing tool no matter who sent the
email and no matter who they sent it to.  Beyond the professional look,
these emails can be linked back to your website which in most cases is
your only storefront.  As recipients click, the report generator
accumulates data of who is clicking on what and when; now it becomes a
research tool.
In t oday's market we need to be a little creative and since employees
are sending these emails every day anyway (and certainly some of them
get forwarded to a new audience) then why not have them show what you do
and generate traffic to your website? 
Please feel free to click on this "wrap" and get in touch with me if you
have any questions as I will not send you any more emails about this
without you asking. 


Thank you and have a great 2008!


Rolv E. Heggenhougen, CEO
US Office: (954)-376-4750
US Cell: (954) 253-4443

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