iwi on 7-STABLE

Per olof Ljungmark peo at intersonic.se
Wed Dec 31 01:06:59 UTC 2008

Peter Harrison wrote:
> Tuesday, 30 December 2008 at 23:49:23 +0100, Per olof Ljungmark said:
>> Hi all,
>> Here I am away with the family visiting friends and I REALLY need
>> to get the iwi if up and running.
>> It's a recently updated system (7.1RC2). Read the man pages, tried 
>> different variations on legal.intel_iwi.license_ack=1, iwi_load, 
>> firmware_load etc. in /boot/loader.conf but I cannot get a
>> connection to the router.
>> It used to work on this box with my basic config, a Thinkpad T42,
>> and it still does with XP.
>> The interface is associated to the access point ok.
>> Anyone who can hint me on how to debug this? Would sysctl
>> debug.iwi.0=1 help? Of course, ANY information is of interest. Does
>> iwi have a problem with certain routers?
>> Sorry, no config files, I'm without connectivity when booting
>> FreeBSD...
>> Any help appriciated!
> I don't know whether iwi has issues with particular routers, however
> I do have it working on 7-STABLE i386 without difficulty.
> Does it help to see the relevant bits from my config?
> /boot/loader.conf:
> if_iwi_load=YES wlan_load=YES firmware_load=YES iwi_bss_load=YES 
> iwi_ibss_load=YES iwi_monitor_load=YES legal.intel_iwi.license_ack=1
> /etc/rc.conf:
> ifconfig_iwi0="inet  netmask  ssid
> ***********  bssid 00:14:bf:94:1e:75  channel 11  wepmode on wepkey
> ****************************  deftxkey 1"
> (yes, I know I shouldn't still be using WEP).
> Works without difficult connecting to a Linksys router.
> I did have some difficulty I seem to recall when I turned off SSID
> broadcast on the router. I'd suggest trying with all the security
> turned off if you haven't already to see if you can connect at all,
> and then reintroduce the security measures later.

Thanks for your reply.

Your config is identical to mine. I think something fishy is going on
here but don't know what it is - yet..

The router is a Netgear WNR854T.


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