running asfiles on windowmaker...

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Tue Dec 30 15:39:57 UTC 2008

Peter Boosten wrote:
> On 30 dec 2008, at 07:02, perryh at wrote:
>>>>   Does anyone know how to run asfiles on windowmaker?
>>>> Whereis its executable? (path)
>>> I have no idea what asfiles is, but I would assume
>>> `which asfiles' would tell you where it is located.
>> ... unless it's not in PATH, and the OP is asking which directory
>> needs to be added.  asfiles is a port which installs into /usr/local,
>> so I'd expect the executable to be in /usr/local/bin.  If not,
>>  find /usr/local -name asfiles -print
>> should find it.
> pkg_info -L package
> (replace "package" by actual package name)
> Shows all files installed by the port, assuming OP installed asfiles 
> through the port.

... and in this case, he'd better pipe that to more(1)

[17] Tue 30.Dec.2008 9:33:36 [kadmin at archangel][~]
pkg_info -L asfiles-1.0_2 | wc -l

 ... or, even better, to head:

[18] Tue 30.Dec.2008 9:33:50 [kadmin at archangel][~]
pkg_info -L asfiles-1.0_2 | head

Information for asfiles-1.0_2:

 ... and now we know why looking for asfiles
doesn't help much.  Try running "files", Luiz.

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