restart rsync process via shell script

Noah admin2 at
Tue Dec 30 03:38:56 UTC 2008

Mel wrote:
> On Monday 29 December 2008 13:35:06 Noah wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I am trying to figure out the most accurate way to assess if an rsync
>> process is running and is established to the remote rsync server and is
>> transferring data.  I am writing a bourne shell script to restart rsync
>> if the connection to the remote rsync server is lost.
>> The command "ps ax | grep 'rsync' | grep -v grep"  is not enough because
>> the rsync and ssh process can be running but the connection to the
>> remote server is no longer ESTABLISHED and the backup is no longer
>> proceeding.
>> Then perhaps the command "netstat -A | grep '' | grep
>> 'ESTABLISHED' | grep -v grep" would be helpful.  But in some cases I
>> have found that I have ssh connections to the remote rsync server that
>> obfuscate the rsync ssh ESTABLISH statistics.
>> the rsync command I am using is: "/usr/bin/rsync -avz '/Users/noah/' -e
>> 'ssh -p 22' root at"
>> Any suggestions please?
> Set ServerAliveInterval to a low value so the connection is dropped. You can 
> do this on the commandline using -e 'ssh -o ServerAliveInterval=10 -p 22'. 
> This would drop the connection if the server can't be reached within 10 
> seconds.
> Once the connection is dropped, rsync should exit with a value other then 0, 
> so you can wrap your rsync command in a while loop, like:
> while test ${KEEP_RUNNING} -gt 0; do
> 	rsync -avz /Users/noah/ -e 'ssh -p 22 -o ServerAliveInterval=10' \
> 		root at
> done

I like that - thanks!

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