running shell command through ssh tunnel

Christian Laursen xi at
Sat Dec 27 15:10:23 UTC 2008

Noah <admin2 at> writes:

> I am trying to run a shell command to the host at the far end of an ssh
> tunnel.   Here is how I structured access.  Is there any way to do this
> more compactly on one line?
> ssh -L 12345: noah at
> ssh -p 12345 localhost 'chown -R noah:noah /shares/internal/Music/'

Put something like the following in your ~/.ssh/config:

Host otherhost
  HostKeyAlias otherhost
  ProxyCommand ssh noah at nc 22

Then you can simply run:

ssh otherhost 'chown -R noah:noah /shares/internal/Music/'

Reading the ssh_config man page might reveal a number of other nice
features ssh has to offer.

Christian Laursen

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