Can't find the `7.0-RELEASE-p7' distibution

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Fri Dec 26 12:14:15 UTC 2008

Roy Stuivenberg wrote:
> Hello,
> I have FreeBSD 7-RELEASE, and upgraded to point 7.
> When I try to install packages/ports with sysinstall (FTP) it won't work and
> give me this message.
> Warning: Can't find the `7.0-RELEASE-p7' distribution on this
> FTP server. You may need to visit a different server for
> the release you are trying to fetch or go to the Options
> menu and to set the release name to explicitly match what's
> available on (or set to "any").
> Would you like to select another FTP server?
> I have already tried multiple ftp locations, but always get the same
> result.
> Search the web for answers, and did not find any.

Try setting the release name to exactly '7.0-RELEASE' as described in
the error message.  There's a package set generated for each OS release,
but not one for each different patch level.  7.0-RELEASE packages should
be available on all ftp servers at the moment.

You can see the list of release names supported via sysinstall at:

(replace i386 with amd64 if you're on that architecture)

Note that this will get you package versions which were current at the
time of 7.0-RELEASE, and there have been a good number of updates
(including security updates) that have gone in since.  Updated packages
certainly do exist on the FTP servers but I can't see how to access them
from  sysinstall.  Learning how to use pkg_add(1) (which can reach the
parts of that sysinstall apparently cannot) is probably
your best bet.



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