FreeBSD and OpenCL

Mel fbsd.questions at
Thu Dec 25 22:46:18 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 23 December 2008 00:46:29 Eduardo Morras wrote:
> Hello:
> Is there any plan to implement/use the new OpenCL standard in
> FreeBSD? What's needed to use/implement it? Better
> nvidia/ati/intel/other gpu drivers? I don't want to switch my data
> crunching apps from FreeBSD to linux/windows due to this technology
> is already working there.

What is working where?

There are no implementations that I can see, only some header files defining 
an API, a spec that describes the API, but nothing to link your program with. 
This also shouldn't be implemented in FreeBSD, but in Xorg as far as I can 
tell, as it is primarily graphics related. Maybe some parts need to be 
implemented in the FreeBSD kernel, but the API is merely an interface to 
underlying hardware and without that, not much you can do with it as creating 
software emulation defeats it's purpose.


Problem with today's modular software: they start with the modules
    and never get to the software part.

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