Persistent Kernel Variables

Bruce Cran bruce at
Thu Dec 25 16:17:34 UTC 2008

On Thu, 25 Dec 2008 07:39:18 -0800
"Jason C. Wells" <jcw at> wrote:

> I have a new kernel variable in /boot/device.hints.
> kern.timecounter.hardware="i8254"
> but it's not set during boot.   I have other hints that are set
> during boot.  Why is kern.timecounter.hardware not being set?  How
> can I fix it.

I think it's something that has to be set later during boot,
via /etc/sysctl.conf.  I tried setting it through /boot/loader.conf and
it didn't work but there's no problem setting it once the system has

Bruce Cran

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