PoolHost.com Support: Greater tool is easy to get 8BMF2

Support at poolhost.com Support at poolhost.com
Wed Dec 24 22:41:19 UTC 2008

Automated Support Response

This is an Automated Support Response.  Please do no reply to this message.

may not be able to help and you might not get a response.

Your inquiry has been received and will be responded to as soon as possible unless your issue
is one of the following: 

1. My Username/Password you sent me doesn't work - There are two main reasons for this, either
you've typed your password incorrectly or you've tried to register two accounts with the same 
e-mail address.  Your password is CASE sensitive which means your must type it exactly as you 
see it in the password e-mail.  If you copy and paste, make sure you don't have an extra 
'space' character at the end.  After you login, you'll be forced to change your password
immediately to something more memorable.  If you tried to create two accounts with the
same e-mail address, that is not allowed.  You can read more about this below.

2. Didn't receive your password email - Please check your SPAM/Junk Mail folder and settings
before inquiring about where your password e-mail is.  99% of all problems with receiving 
password e-mail from us have to do with SPAM/Junk Mail folders and their settings.  
You can have your info RESENT to you by using the forgotten password link on our home page and
entering the e-mail address you used to register with.  If you've done all of this, send
another e-mail to Support at PoolHost.com with the subject "Missing PW Email" and include the
details along with the following info you entered on the Registration Page:
Username, First Name, Last Name, City, Zip, Email

3. Forgot your password - You can use our forgotten password link available on the home page
to retrieve forgotten passwords.  We cannot do this for you manually.  If we did this for
every user, we'd never have time to run our site.  If you don't have access to your old e-mail
address from last season, then simply re-register.  If you don't have access to your work 
e-mail address from home, then send your picks to the pool admin.  The admin can enter you 
picks at any time, even if the deadline has passed.  MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD

4. Registering more than one account with the same email address - You CANNOT do this.  We
use e-mail addresses to uniquely identify each account.  That is how we can implement the
automated password retrieval system mentioned above.  You can enter more than one set of 
picks with the same account however by going to Add a Pick Sheet under Pool Options in your 
Pro Football, College Bowl, or March Madness Pool.  Your Admin must have this feature 
enabled however.

5. Didn't get your picks in before the deadline - We can't put them in for you.  We host
pools, we don't run them.  You need to request this to your pool admin, the person who created
and invited you to join their pool.  They have the ability to put picks in for you if they 
choose to allow this.

6. Change your username/team name - We don't have team name, your username is what will 
show up on your pool standings pages and it's also the name you use to login.  You can 
go to Edit User Info which will change your username.  It changes immediately for the purpose
of logging into PoolHost.com.  It may NOT change immediately on your pool standings pages 
until the pools standings start to update again.

We're constantly looking to improve our site and we will definitely listen to your feedback.
We can't always implement changes you suggest immediately but we will do our best!


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