[6.3] Assigning "shutdown" to eg. Syst?

Frank Shute frank at shute.org.uk
Tue Dec 23 08:29:56 UTC 2008

On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 03:31:27PM +0100, Gilles wrote:
> Hello
> I'd like to make it easier for my dad to shutdown a server. Instead of
> having him plug a keyboard, log on as root (with a complicated
> password) and finally type "shutdown -h now", is it possible to assign
> this command to some unused key like eg. Syst? Even better, send this
> command only if the key is hit eg. three times within 2 seconds?
> Thank you.

What I'd do is use sudo to enable him to shutdown. Then I'd add this
to /etc/rc.local:

kbdcontrol -f 10 "sudo shutdown -h now"

So, pressing F10 & hitting return will shut the machine down.




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