[6.3] Assigning "shutdown" to eg. Syst?

Ian Smith smithi at nimnet.asn.au
Tue Dec 23 06:08:28 UTC 2008

On Tue, 23 Dec 2008, Robert Huff wrote:
 > Ian Smith writes:
 > >  Or let your dad login with his own account and password.  Just
 > >  add him to the operator group so that he can run /sbin/shutdown.
 > 	If that's the only priveledged command he needs ... is there a
 > reason "sudo" isn't a better answer?

Well, it's certainly another answer :)

The only other thing being in group operator lets you run, apart from 
what you've added into /etc/devfs.{conf,rules} is /sbin/mksnap_ffs ..

cheers, Ian

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