Wireless router?

Corey Chandler lists at sequestered.net
Tue Dec 23 01:32:34 UTC 2008

Nerius Landys wrote:
> Thank you all for your suggestions.  This will be a project for me
> over the holidays.  I decided to go the standalone wireless router
> approach.  
Good man!
> I will need to figure out how to configure my standalone
> wireless router to "pass everything through" to the internal LAN that
> I already have.  
It's called "Bridge mode" on most APs-- it does exactly what you 
describe.  Just make sure things like "DHCP server" are turned off or 
you'll see some... odd breakages.
> Also I don't know too much about security, like how
> to prevent eavesdroppers from connecting to my internal network.  One
> of you mentioned access lists, and I assume that means I tell the
> wireless router which MAC addresses it accepts, and nothing else.  
Ugh.  MAC addresses are trivial to spoof-- I usually don't bother with 
using them for security, although I do use 'em to ensure that particular 
machines always inherit particular addresses.

> Is there any other way to provide security?  Like a password-protected
> network?  What are the buzzwords for these security schemes?  Which
> security scheme do you recommend for preventing random people within
> proximity from connecting to my internal netowrk?

Absolutely.  Google for WPA or WPA2; WEP has been broken and is trivial 
to bruteforce, so I'd not bother with that.

Once you get the unit in, feel free to email me off list for 
configuration questions; it sounds like a fun project!

-- CJC

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