Bill Moran wmoran at
Sun Dec 21 21:02:18 UTC 2008

In response to "Kelly Jones" <kelly.terry.jones at>:

> Can I split a large (4G+) bzip2 file into smaller bzip2 files? Notes:
>  % Obviously, 'split' won't work for 2 reasons:
>   % Each chunk won't have the BZIP2 header
>   % 'split' will cut the file inside a bzip2 "block", rendering the
>   first/last blocks of each file unreadable.

You can split it.  You'll just have to rejoin it before you can
uncompress it.  Clever use of cat and pipes will do that without
intermediate files.

You could also split the file prior compression.  Then you could
uncompress each part separately, _then_ rejoin the parts.

Bill Moran

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