handbook suggestion

oklahoma mlists08 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 23:07:29 UTC 2008

> First, let me say that I find FreeBSD to be the best of all the free 
> Unices
> -- and it is due to the excellent and practical documentation.
> That said, there is an easy way to make FreeBSD easier for the home user.
> There are a number of suggestions/methods of doing things in the handbook
> that are appropriate for the business user that are not needed or useful 
> for
> the home user.
> As an example, both the usb drive and scanner sections give instructions 
> for
> allowing others besides root to mount/use the respective hardware.  Both
> suggestions give advice that restrict the enabling to just one group.  For
> home use it would be easier to just allow any user to mount/use hardware.
> A sidebar or some such giving alternatives for personal/home users would 
> be
> nice.
> Thanks,
> --dr

IMHO FreeBSD documentation lack a section in wich are described case studies 
recommendations for particular problems.

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