Network Stack Code Re-write (Possible motivations...?)

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sat Dec 20 19:53:55 UTC 2008

> Thank you very much for the intuitive commentary.
> Sorry for making the inquiry so specific to Juniper, however, I could
> not think of another source that would be a good example.  I fully
> understand how the inquiries appeared, however, thanks for answering
> what you could.
can't you simply ask some juniper employee? anyway - from where did you 
got that info about network stack being rewritten?

> I, as you, can't really figure out why they felt, years ago, that they
> needed to re-invent the wheel.

once again - first ask WHAT EXACTLY FreeBSD is doing in their router?

a) just preparing tables for router chips? - then FreeBSD's network stack 
is OK
b) actually performing part of routing activity cooperating with ASIC's?
if so - rewriting/modifying network stack was needed for sure.

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