Snow in my Server

freebsd at freebsd at
Fri Dec 19 22:32:04 UTC 2008

> Help, I'm in southern Ontario and I have 20cm of snow on my freebsd
> 7-release server.
> IT seems to be causeing some http outages.
> My FBSD 6-.0 doesn't seem to be affected thou.

You probably can't use a standard 7-release.
You have to build a custom kernel with "LATITUDE" set.
It causes igloo to get built and installed for environments above 46, 
should work in both hemispheres.

We don't use igloo but do turn on the snow-fence option for ipfw.
Keeps most of that kind of unwanted traffic out.

BTW, make sure any remote reboots / changes are well tested if you're 
running igloo.  Sometimes the whole thing gets buried and it's days before 
you can get physical access to do any updates / maintenance.


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