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Fri Dec 19 17:06:09 UTC 2008

Hello - Warning -  I am new to FreeBSD. I am not sure this is the correct
forum for this post - forgive me if it is not and please direct me to the
correct area. I have installed FreeBSD on a HP Proliant DL380 G3 server with
(2) NICs. I have also installed Dummynet and NetSNMP as my ultimate goal is
to use this as a WAN emulator. I was doing some initial testing where the
FreeBSD box acts as a router between two subnets where an ftp client is on
one subnet and an ftp server is on the other. I kick off an ftp get of a 9
MB file and at the same time initiate a netstat -w1 -Ibge0 command on the
FreeBSD. The outputput of the command indicates a relatively small number of
input errors (<10 per interval). The same command on the bge1 interface is
all zeros. This is repeatable every time I perform the ftp get. I performed
the same test without the FreeBSD box by having the client and server
connected to the same subnet through the same switch ports and no errors
according to the trace analysis - no retransmissions, etc shown in the
trace. My questions are related to the meaning and interpretation of the
output of the netstat command and how to resolve the errors. 1) What is the
meaning of input errors? Is it bad CRC at layer 2? What would be meant by
output errors in the command? The interface cannot see the packets after
they have been transmitted. I would like a technical explanation of the
output of this netstat command. 2) How to alleviate the errors? Is this a
buffer issue? How to determine the NIC type? 
Any feedback would be most appreciated.
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