Unable to delete directory even after change of ownership.

BSD_Newbie it_manager at gmx.com
Fri Dec 19 03:27:44 UTC 2008


I have a quick question about chown and how it works. 

My setup: 
* Freebsd 7-RELEASE-p6 (on i386)
* /home on separate slice.

Here is what I am trying to do:
In the folder called /home, I want to store my subversion repository. While
working on this, I encountered a unique/inexplicable behavior. 

This is what I have done so far:
a) as root, created a group called repo_admin.

b) as root, created an user called svn

c) adduser utility created a home directory for user svn under /home (i.e.

d) as root, created a directory called my_repos under /home (i.e.
/home/my_repos) Now owner and group are root and wheel respectively

e) as root, executed the following command.
chown svn:repo_admin /home/my_repos

f) verified that the file permissions for /home/my_repos is correctly set
after the change in ownership.

Here is the problem I encountered
When I log in as svn, I am placed in the folder /home/svn.
As svn,  when I try to delete the folder (/home/my_repos), I get the error
"Permission denied".

Why do I get this error when I (svn) am the owner of that directory?

However, I have no problem deleting a directory under /home/svn.

Thanks in advance for your help. 
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