Secondary DNS or BSD Server space

Brett Glass brett at
Fri Dec 19 03:19:46 UTC 2008


We just got word that Neustar, which bought DNS service provider 
Nominum a few years ago,  is shutting down Nominum's 
"" service. The service used to provide secondary DNS 
for users' zones at no charge.

I and the other users I know think it's reasonable 
for the company to charge a small but reasonable fee for the 
service instead of keeping it running for free. But alas, Neustar 
is getting greedy. The only alternative they offer is a $50-a-month 
"managed DNS" service, which we don't want or need. (We're fine 
maintaining our own master servers and zones; we just need a slave 
to use as a secondary.) So, we're looking for alternatives.

Does anyone on this list know of a good, BSD-based service which 
offers reasonably priced secondary DNS? Or reasonably priced 
servers at a server farm, where I and others can set up a secondary DNS server?

--Brett Glass

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